Helen Gathering 2000

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More pics to come on ? (They lost the film)

Our Helen Story

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Best Western Line up

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Valk line up

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The "Deals Gap" Troup

View from the gap.jpg (72597 bytes)

View from the top of Deals Gap

View from the gap2.jpg (56372 bytes)

And another

The gang at the top

Me and Artie at the gap.jpg (62646 bytes)

Me and JoAnn

I don't' see any Valk parts on the "tree of shame"

Wolf Pen Gap 1.jpg (64352 bytes)

A quick break on "Wolf Pen Gap"

Brasstownbald.jpg (66356 bytes)

A look at the top of Brasstown Bald.

brass2.jpg (49012 bytes)

A look from the top of Brasstown Bald

Can you see our bikes? I can't

lineup.jpg (112847 bytes)

The semi-Full line up

two1.jpg (102951 bytes)


Two Wheels Only Resort


Jo rode the Virago to TWO then we took Wolf Pen Gap back to Helen. Not bad for a three month beginner!

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