Helen is a small German town in northern Georgia. North east of Atlanta, in the Blue Ridge  mountains. This is where the first annual Southern Gathering of the Valkyries in Helen Georgia was held.

We decided to haul the bikes up to Helen so Joann could bring her Virago. Being a new rider of only three months she didn't want to get stranded in Helen with bad weather. 

We arrived Friday about noon. There where already quite a few Valks there. We unloaded and got ready for the first ride. We were all staged for the 1:00 ride and as we pulled out of the parking lot ... there was Joann's parents! They had rode their brand new wing down to see us. So we peeled off and joined them. We took a short ride around the area, Jo took her Virago on it's maiden twisty voyage. She did so well I tried to talk her into taking her bike on the Deals gap run in the morning. 

We meet up with The Growcocks (Kimberly makes a wicked Margarita)  and Red Valk that evening and went for an interesting dinner at the Karaoke bar. Then to the "camp fire" to tell lies and socialize. Vicky, let JoAnn sit on her Valk, now we gotta buy  another bike? Thanks Vickie? After too many adult beverages (D.O.E) we went to bed looking forward to our ride in the morning. 

When we woke up the weather looked half fast but we (me and Bubba Hog) tried to talk JoAnn into taking her bike on the "Deals Gap" ride. Deals Gap is known for its 318 curves in 11 miles and is part of Hwy 129 at the North Carolina Tenessee border. She had more sense than that. Good thing! We rode HARD to Deals Gap (remember we're flatlanders) She would have lost us at the first curve. I had to work my butt off to keep up with those nuts! But I loved it! I don't get much practice on the curves. We got to Deals and rode to the top. We had to pass two Hardleys on the way up (show stoppers) When we got to the top I was informed I was shedding "sparks" on the way up. Well, I ground about a 1/4" off my Kuryakyn pegs and had actually put the turnout pipes to the pavement a few times. Well worth the chrome! Jo said to tell Bubba she was riding Deals Gap next year, so he should pack a lunch.;) The ride down was less eventful, maybe, because, I was following Gary W. ;)  We stopped at the Cross Roads campgrounds at the bottom of Deals Gap, for more lies, and snacks. Then the rain came. We rode on. The the meek (or smart ) peeled off early and dropped the count to eight. The rest of us morons rode through fog, rain, and clouds! I'll bet the scenery was nice!  But we never saw it. On our way back we met a group of crotch rocket riders that told us about Phil's crash.

We arrived in time to shower (some of us) (you know who you are) before the dinner. The ride through town was great! We really turned some heads! Dinner was great, but as usual I didn't win shit! Oh well. Back to the "camp fire". I finally got to meet Crazy Al. What a nice guy. 

We really didn't get to put as many faces to names as we would have liked to. But I'm sure there will be other opportunities.

Sunday morning we took both bikes for a ride. Jo got her chance to tame the twistys . We rode on a roundabout ride up  hwy 60 to TWO (two wheels only Resort) and then, we meet other Club members ( Tiny?) that helped me talk Jo into riding Wolfs Pen Gap (Hwy 180) back to Helen. Not Deals Gap, but a long way from the Florida roads she learned on. Great ride! She did fine! Bubba might not get to finish that lunch. We stopped at Brasstown Bald, the highest point in Georgia, and took the dumb ass trek up the hill to look at more hills. Then down the same path to make the front of my flatlander legs sore. They have a bus, you know!

We went back to the hotel and loaded the Virago on the truck because we didn't think the weather was going to hold out. But, jumped on the Valk to ride some more. I took Jo back to TWO to get her "I rode Wolf Pen Gap" Tee shirt. then rode the same roads so she could see where she went. She was taking pictures along the way, Scared the shit outta me! I said what the HELL was that! Lightning? Nope just the flash! I can't wait to see the pictures!

We went back to Hellen and had dinner at Hans (sp) and too many beers. then the rain started. We went back and loaded the bike for the ride home.

We had a great time.

As Director of D.O.E (Department of Excess) We excessed on Tee Shirts, Adult beverages, chrome removal, and fun.

Let's do it again!


Jeff And Joann Kozloski   Jacksonville, Florida

VRCC #671 #672