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So you wanna save some Money?

The total cost of this set up is $8. 

Click on the pics to get the BIG clear view!

Oh, Kelli wants credit for taking SOME of the pics.

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Salvage 14" wheel and a piece of 5/8 threaded rod to hold the wheel bolted to a 2X8.

beadbreaker.jpg (96556 bytes)

Pretty self explanatory set up here. I have used clamps to break beads also, but this set up came from the Metzler tires I had. The side walls were so flexible that the clamp would slide off. they were an SOB to bead break. 

Really, it's just a bunch of scrap wood and an old gate hinge. Really! I just put a couple of screws in the "lever" so the 2X4 "Block" wouldn't slip. The block was sanded to match the curve of the rim ...well... as close as I could.

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Buy a few spoons the longer the better. also get some rim savers or I use an old set of grips slit to fit over the rim to avoid scratches. Soap helps a good deal too.

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Extra hands are nice but not required.

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Cheap ass balancer. I works great. It is time consuming. But very accurate. 

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I took the first one to the bike shop to check the balance and they were fine.

What type of bearings? Any, just pop the seals out so they rotate freely. and shoot with WD40 before use.

I've been told that spin balancers are accurate to 10 grams, on a good day, but this method can be as close as 7 grams.

This is how the boys on sport bikes do this at the track. It also works for me

I can't emphasize this enough! Use the proper lube on your splines! It is Molybdenum disulfide paste. do not substitute! or this is what you will have happen. $1,500 or more at the Stealer, I lucked out and found brand new parts at  a trike shop for $280. I had been using Molybdenum Grease, It didn't work.

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