Sturgis   1999

One of our first trips that didn't have any catastrophes big or small.

Could it be the bike? Or my un-complaining, courageous rider?

6,500 miles in 9 days!

packed to go th.jpg (68686 bytes)

New 99 Interstate,   two months old, 4040 miles. All packed and ready to go to Sturgis. Really! This is all we took!

St Louis.jpg (82094 bytes)

Passing through St Louis

main street.jpg (114623 bytes)

Sunday morning, down town Sturgis, 9:30 am. The town looks abandoned

Hulett Wyoming, on "no panties Thursday"

Hulett is a very busy place on no panty Thursday.

Ten Sleep.jpg (80542 bytes)

Big horns.jpg (105011 bytes)

Top of the Big Horn Mountains

big horn 2.jpg (114660 bytes)

Big Horn Mountains

big horn 3.jpg (99561 bytes)

The whole group

One Hardly, One Wing, Oh, Yeah, And the MONSTER. Valk

Ten sleep Wyoming. This is where the only HD in the group turned back.

I tried to find top end on the Fat Lady, at 130 mph, Joann's Do Rag went in to orbit. It's a really bad picture but this is where we stopped to regroup. Loren is making friends with the natives.


yellow stone th.jpg (147784 bytes)

Overnight trip to Cooke City Montana


Wyoming Rain bow.jpg (103819 bytes)

The storm we never got into.

If you look close it's a double rainbow.