Sturgis 1998

gassed up.jpg (96538 bytes)

Getting "gassed" In Sturgis.

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A little local burnout Competition.

to moonshine.jpg (77832 bytes)

On our way to Moonshine Gulch. I'm not sure this is the right road.

moonshine.jpg (101831 bytes)

Loren in Moonshine Gulch. Not much there except cold beer and good burgers.

moonshine burnout.jpg (95121 bytes)

More Burnouts in the Gulch.

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The back road to Moonshine Gulch is not paved in gold... in fact it's not paved.

baby buffalo.jpg (104294 bytes)

Baby Buffalo.

It looks like a post card but it was taken from my bike.

feed the mules.jpg (80245 bytes)

Jo feeding my lunch to the locals

mules.jpg (80488 bytes)

Move your ASS! I just couldn't resist that.

corkscrew.jpg (89125 bytes)

Corkscrew bridge, a quick way to get down a hillside.


faces.jpg (71423 bytes)

Rount Mushmore! I hear it looks the same whether you pay to get in or look from outside. I picked outside.

Hulett Wy. population?

hulet snake.jpg (94023 bytes)


hulet titties.jpg (80106 bytes)

I don't think she wet herself, I think it was a wet tee shirt contest gone awry.

The weather wasn't always good.