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 Waste spark coil.

Waste spark coils fire both plugs at the same time. Both should fire on their top dead center, one cylinder will be on the compression stroke, the other will be on the exhaust stroke. The plug on the exhaust stroke will fire easier than the plug under compression. If you hook a timing light to a plug lead and it doesn't fire the light, but the other plug lead on the same coil will fire the light, the gap on the non firing plug may be too wide, or the plug may be bad. 

One coil fires Cyl. 1&2

Another fires Cyl. 3&4

The third fires Cyl. 5&6

So, the down and dirty is, if  the coils for 2-4-6 are firing, so is 1-3-5.

If the gap is too wide on one plug the plug with the narrower gap will fire, but the wide gap won't.

Check the voltage at the coil. it should be about 12v. The coil has power to it all the time, the ignition module grounds the coil to make it fire. if the voltage is low the coil will not charge to full voltage, making a weak spark.

Timing pulse pickups

The timing pulse sensors can be checked by checking the "Peak" voltage during cranking. You MUST have a digital meter capable of recording peak voltage.

If you unplug the sensor leads at the goose neck, behind the plastic plate, you can access the sensor plug. By putting your volt meter leads on the pickup leads you can measure the Peak voltage coming from EACH pickup. They must be above 1.7v but you should be able to get about 5v out of each. I've had to "tweak" the sensors to get the voltage up. I had to pry the sensor mount a little to "straighten" the sensor. then the voltage went from 2v to 5v. Sometimes it's not a matter of "gap", though the gap should be correct, I've seen more of them tilted than I have with to much gap. The gap really isn't adjustable. The mount has locating rings to put the pickup where it need to be. But the sensor can be tweaked slightly to move it closer, or to straighten it.

Ignition control module

I don't know of an easy way to test these modules. They perform so many functions, If you have a spare or know someone that does this is the easiest way to determine if yours is bad.


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