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Annual 5 B's   Hotglue's BBQ

FriendsWood  Texas!


The hotel bike wash.

The line up for the ride Saturday morning.

TNT listening to that horrible music she listens to!

Headed to the bridge.

A rest to Shop? Bikers Shop?

Headed to the bridge again.

Lunch stop.

A tanker full of Lone Star no doubt!

The phallic symbol monument at the Battle Grounds.

OSHA nightmare! This ship is trecherous!

Big guns aimed at at the monument?

The sinking of the battleship, What were they thinking?

The valet parking at Hotglue's BBQ

TNT committing Lime Abuse! Without a doubt the finest margaritas I've ever had!

Parking at the BBQ

We meet "Trooper", a wonderful young lady. She was scooting around on goofy shoes with a roller mounted into the heel. She was pretty good with them,  She had only fallen 5 times (at that point).

Singing happy birthday to Beep Beep!

Trooper was doing the valet parking, Nice job! How do we get out of here?! I guess that was her mission.

Tigger's ride.

HotGlue  about to do his very famous "Table dance"

Joann is waiting for her after dinner drink.

TNT and her hubby Jim


Time to Head home.

See Y'all next year