Hidden Air Horns

$26 at Auto Zone. Cheap, loud, but not pretty.

Compressor is installed under the seat at rear tank mount. The relay can be seen just below the radio under the right side cover. I pulled the stock horn wire back to this point to run the horn relay.
dcp_0602.jpg (55758 bytes) dcp_0603.jpg (81663 bytes)
hiddenhorn.jpg (63385 bytes)
The horns are mounted under the bike. There was already a hole in the center brace, I just tapped it 1/4-20 and used a piece of aluminum sheet for the mount. The mount is NOT bolted to the swing arm. there is only one bolt into the center brace, it's been there for two years now and the only problem I've had is knocking the hose off the horn when I slide the jack under the bike.
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