A Blown Interstate? Why not?

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Parts is parts. Here's what you get in the kit.

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My naked lady, She's not very purty undressed. this is the "before" picture.

Side view of the soon to be removed carbs.


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Stripped naked!

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The bottom of the manifold

Relocating the coils was by far the most difficult task

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Another relocated coil shot

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This is how the back mount is attached, not that you'd find this in the instructions.

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Carb installed

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Side view of carb

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I had to bend a "dog leg" on the cable mount to get the cables to line up to my expectations.

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Fuel pump installed

The dual fans are mounted

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On an Interstate this little device is used to cut the fan noise from the radio, it must go back in.

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Fan install

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 Well, the blower is in.

I had to bend a "dog leg" into the throttle cable mount so the cables would line up right, I ran the adjuster through it.

For those of us that feel the need for remote idle adjustment, I used a GM carb adjusting tool, I soldered it to the idle screw and ran it out under the front of the tank.


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The finished product, Cool, Eh!




So you want a SuperCharger? Here is the link to Lamonster!

The guy that started it all.


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