Cheap Skates "Timing Pulse Generator"

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First of all this is not for the mechanically declined. You have to have an understanding of what's going on here. 

But I'm Cheap, and semi-handy.

Allen brace.jpg (81847 bytes)

First remove all the crap that's in your way, timing cover, pods (Interstate). Then  put two appropriate sized Allen wrenches in between the case and the belt. to hold the belt in place.

Trigger tool.jpg (60306 bytes)

The tool I used to hold the cam sprocket while I loosened the crank sprocket bolt. Be careful using this tool, You could very easily slip the timing on the cam. It works much better to have a helper stand on the brake with the bike in fifth gear. I use a combination of both.


Red bolt.jpg (92469 bytes)

The famous crank sprocket bolt. That sucker was way beyond tight!


I laid out a 6 degree template on my Auto Cad, But a protractor would work fine. I put the two "Timing Pulse Generators" together and marked the 6 degree offset with a punch. Then I filed off about half of the key, so the pulley would be 6 degrees advanced but, even if it did "slip" it could only go back to "original" timing.


punch.jpg (43021 bytes)

I know this is hard to see but I punched the timing marks from a degreed pulley, to standard pulley. then rotated the pulleys 6 degrees. 


I know this is a real rough description of this project, but if you don't understand it at all, you shouldn't be holding a wrench. But if you do understand and have questions contact me and I'll help you out. 


This page is just hints from my experience.

My bike runs noticeably better, the idle speed increased by 200 rpm, and my gas mileage has increased. Plus the burnout and wheelie factor has also increased. Well worth the money I spent, $0.

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