Sturgis 2000

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Nice night to head out on a 2000 mile trip? That black sky was a nasty storm.

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JoAnne wanted everyone to know where she was headed.

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Trailer Week here we come!

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At camp in Silver City.


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Don't forget to knock the snow off your boots.


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A little HD repairs were preformed at the VRCC booth. Sorry Dan I couldn't resist. 

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I took these pics while driving.


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A little tunnel vision?

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You get a lot of strange pictures when you're taking pictures while you're driving.

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Headed to Needles Highway.



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Bringing up the rear. All of these pics were taken while I was following the pokey, puny bikes.


If you see your bike let me know I be happy to place your name on the picture


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This "clown" was wearing electrical tape...enough said.


I caught this little guy watching JoAnne changing clothes behind a van. There was a guy cutting onions watching too, but I didn't think I should take a picture of him.


Bad parking manners got these bikes a free ride to the impound lot!


Corky's "semi-wet" tee shirt contest. She never did get the hang of it.

Close but no cigar!

dcp_0661.jpg (123131 bytes) From the "Dungeon" 



Bad Lands "Postcard" Pics


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Something happened behind that mound... I'll bet Danno could guess! Well Danno?

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The "Pig Dig"

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No, Really, Look.

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We thought it was a buried Harley! But nooo! A real prehistoric Pig.

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Adult beverage anyone?

This is a feat I wouldn't try, something about being slapped on the back of the head by a P.Oed S.O. I don't need any of that!

The "Super Tourer" on the dyno in Custer.

A day at the Drags, Sundance Wy.
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Yup, that's an Interstate in the far lane, Guess who won!

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Unknown Valk "warrior"

No longer unknown, it's Rook!

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More Valks at the races.

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Moonshine Gulch burnout

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$20 worth of HD tire. If you look closely you will see a pile of rubber.

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