My version of the "Easy Glass Pack" mod

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A 3" to 2" Stainless Steel Weld on reducer, Welded to 1/2 of a 2" SS coupler.

nipple.jpg (68476 bytes)

One piece of 2" SS pipe nipple

collectors on.jpg (62022 bytes)

I carefully and gently, BEAT the header flange to the form of the 3" end of the reducer. 

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One done, on to the next.

I didn't take many pics of this project. I was too busy cutting up my $1,200 stock pipes. I bought the stacks from a local truck dealer, they have to be 4" OD not ID. I measured the length I wanted on the bike, wrapped the pipes with tape, put a brand new fine tooth blade in the shop saw and cut very very slowly. I welded the nipple on to a 18" "bullet" glasspack.I cut the "cans" just below the last spot weld, that left about 1 1/2" of can left. I formed the can around the reducer, and tack welded it. Then I put it on the bike and screwed the pack on to the header. After I test fit the stacks, and tweaked the pack, and test fit again, until I was happy with the alignment, I welded them solid.
pipes5.jpg (61776 bytes)

Looks pretty sharp, Eh?

They sound great! And I now have over 42,000 trouble free miles on them now.

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