This should really tick off the boys (and girls) that paid big bucks for a bike lift!

$99 At Sams Club

sams1.jpg (93797 bytes)

This pic was taken before I modified the "blue Bar" notice the bar isn't all the way on the jack. 

sams2.jpg (71790 bytes)
sams3.jpg (82133 bytes)

 Modification to the "Ross Spoonland " jack adaptor.

I shifted every thing right 2 1/5" for better balance. Also there is a problem with the jack hitting the side stand switch without this adaptor. This will move the jack to a safe place. VERY Stable.

I shifted everything 2 1/5" right 

And removed the stub, The plate is unnecessary, But I chose to leave it there.

With this adaptor the bike is very stable. I can climb up onto the bike while its on the jack.


The following thumbnails are dimensional pictures, CLICK ON THEM to see a larger view

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