Super Mario Gear test ride


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Seat of pants OD test ride opinion.


1999 Valkyrie Standard, with hard bags and a windshield

No mods, except de-smog

34,000 miles, non-California bike.

230 pound rider


Now for the ride.


1st 2nd and 3rd are of course the same as before.


4th gear has plenty of acceleration, itís a very long gear, and will take you to triple digits no problem, though you can tell shifting from 3rd to 4th that 4th is geared higher.


5th gear is smooth and quiet. It seems like the bike is barely running.

5th gear will accelerate, its not earth shattering though.

I tried several different acceleration scenarios,


Run through the gears,

Youíll want to hang in 4th a little longer than normal to keep a good rate of acceleration. But it ran right up to cruise speed with out a problem.


Throttle back to 60mph, and then accelerate in 5th gear

Well this is where driver skill is going to count. Sensible acceleration achieved a better rate of acceleration than wide-open throttle. It will definitely accelerate, not earth shattering, but the speed will continue to climb at a steady rate with an even throttle roll-on. Wide-open throttle produces less rate of climb, but it would still climb, though Iím sure this would negate any fuel savings.


Throttle back to 50mph, and then accelerate in 5th gear.

Same situation, easing into the throttle showed the same rate of acceleration as a 60mph pull.

I was following a slow car and the driver waved me around, I was able to pass her at 55mph without downshifting, though down shifting would have been required for a quick pass situation.


How slow will 5th gear go?

I throttled back and let the bike come to idle in 5th, it pulled the bike along at about 20mph, I gently eased into the throttle and went back to highway speed.



Mileage report will have to come from the owner.