Daytona Bike week 2000

gathering.jpg (29435 bytes)

Gathering Club members on the way down

assault1.jpg (29626 bytes)

Heading for Main street. For our Valkyrie Assault!

assault2.jpg (41731 bytes)

Our Assault on main street.

main.jpg (48702 bytes)

Just a pic of Main Street Daytona Beach

best seat.jpg (21025 bytes)

The best seat in the house!

Iron horse.jpg (35068 bytes)

Or, is this the best seat?      The Iron Horse Saloon.

burnout.jpg (26584 bytes)

Oddly enough They're not taking pictures of girls! Just a Bike self-destructing in the burnout pit!

rg.jpg (43761 bytes)

Robert and Kimberly heading down Main street.

rv.jpg (36595 bytes)

Red Valk bringing up the rear.


service.jpg (52850 bytes)

Quite a wait for service. Why would anyone ride (or haul) a bike all the way to Daytona for "service".

Maybe repair would be a better term.

parade1.jpg (33998 bytes)

The bike parade came right past our hotel.

parade2.jpg (29879 bytes)
parade3.jpg (26346 bytes)

No matter where we travel we always see this bike. Saw it in Sturgis.

parade4.jpg (36710 bytes)

Low rates? Yeah, Right! $135 a night. And the critters were not optional.


All these Hardley Driven-somes


But, where was the chase vehicle?