Biketoberfest 2000

Iron horse band.jpg (92826 bytes)

The band At the Iron Horse

Iron horse front.jpg (103934 bytes)

The Fast Black ST (super tourer) at the Iron Horse.

Iron horse sight.jpg (107619 bytes)

ST at Ironhorse.jpg (111829 bytes)

The ST in the Iron Horse. We love this place.

Cabbage 1.jpg (105231 bytes)

attitude.jpg (94805 bytes)

Mr. "Attitude" directing traffic.

Vrcc booth.jpg (64108 bytes)

The VRCC booth... Before

shopping.jpg (74746 bytes)

The VRCC booth ... After. What a haul!

Hotel 1.jpg (61446 bytes)

View from our hotel.

Hotel 2.jpg (59645 bytes)

Mini golf 1.jpg (95755 bytes)

Another view from our hotel.

Mini golf 2.jpg (98143 bytes)

Better view from our hotel! they thought they were being sneeky.

Line up.jpg (96599 bytes)

The line up.

Burn out.jpg (96412 bytes)

The burn out

Burn out 1.jpg (87401 bytes)

Show off

race.jpg (106067 bytes)

The race is on!


Tall view.jpg (84912 bytes)

Tall persons view of the band

Short view.jpg (75927 bytes)

Short persons view.  Sorry Jo.

cheeks.jpg (83238 bytes)

New meaning to "Crotch Rocket"?

eyes.jpg (109372 bytes)

Cool glasses.

New hd.jpg (128193 bytes)

We also saw the NEW 2001 Harley Davidson.

pocket.jpg (86177 bytes)

Boy, if you know what that is you'll really age yourself.

lazer.jpg (60856 bytes)

Lasers on Main Street

My soda.jpg (76835 bytes)

The beer is for Joann, The soda is mine.

patty.jpg (74349 bytes)

Patty, "The Leather Lady" We buy ALL of our leather from her.

vtx1800.jpg (114048 bytes)

Joann's new bike! they just wouldn't let her take it home yet. Nice VTX1800.

Juciy fruit.jpg (87767 bytes)

This Guy was singing a song about "don't finger my poop chute while chewing on my JuicyFruit"              ... Really!

Last resort.jpg (73126 bytes) 

Line up at "The last Resort"

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