Bike Week 2001

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Hmm, this is self explanatory, If you gotta ask you wouldn't understand.

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In front of the IronHorse the weekend before Bikeweek.


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More burnouts at the IronHorse

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Mosa's "cuzin"

Mosa's uther Cuzin

I'm not sure whos cuzin this is. If you know, clue me in.

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Lazy mans shuttle launch. We watched from St. Augustine. 


The hotel parking lot

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I'm just guessing, but I think Lisa was having the most fun of all!

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Dragbars helping Mosa with his Dragbars?

fixin.jpg (88253 bytes)

Dragbars passes the torch to the man with the proper tool! 

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Our lost souls from Sturgis Michigan. Tina and Bob

This is not a parking lot, No, really its not.

Not only did I park in from of the Harley Dealer, They insisted!

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