Blower Air box.



The previous setup had a huge air cleaner, but it sucked hot air from under the tank. REALLY HOT AIR. When the fans came on it basicly blew 210 degree air over the air cleaner.


So, I decided that I could block off the bottom of the frame and make a "compartment" to isolate the aircleaner from the hot air.

Throttle body installed

Test fit the throttle body, and secured the aluminum plate to the frame.

TB mod

I also took some time to shape the entrance of the throttle body to fit the rubber elbow better.

Air cleaner

I extended the tube on the air cleaner and put a smaller filter on it, so it would be closer to the openings in the front of the frame. I'm going to get a second air filter the same size and stack the two of them. But for now this should do.

Completed unit

Tucks up nice. And it really cut down on the heat.