The 1998 "Excursion"

Part 1 Colorado

leaving 98 (36696 bytes)

The 1998 "caravan"          Nice home built all aluminum trailer, Eh?

gas hwy (9018 bytes)

The "gonna run outta gas highway"

Muley (15407 bytes)

Mule dear in the camp

Pikes1 (9384 bytes)

View on top of Pikes Peak

Down pikes (6026 bytes)

View coming down Pikes Peak.  That is the road.

Colorado flats (15102 bytes)

Colorado flats

Rocky mt (13827 bytes)

Top of the Rocky Mountain Parkway (Elk)

up pikes (22196 bytes)

Going Up Pikes Peak. Yes in shorts, Yes it was snowing.

Sex in Co (17745 bytes)

Yes, I had SEX in Denver Co. Unfortunately this time it was with this Honda dealer. $260 and 3 1/2 hours for a rear tire.

He did not say "I love You"

Bucksnort1 (25287 bytes)

This is the best burger place in Colorado?

bucksnort2 (23843 bytes)

         Yes It is! The Buck Snort Saloon!

But, I don't think I could find it again.

Royal gorge.jpg (100288 bytes)