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Our Bike Mods

My New Bike Driving Lights
Highway Pegs Valk Lift
 Hidden Horns Glass Packs
Sams Lift JoAnne's Virago
Vanity Plates Cheapskate's timing advance
JoAnn's Nomad Super Tourer Mod
SuperCharged Interstate? Mount your own tires

So how fast

will your Valk go?

Generic Parts
Headset Pinout for Interstates Ignition trouble shooting

Adding Fuel Injection to a Supercharged Valk

Super Mario OD gear review
Oil cooler project Air box for a Blown Valk?
Clutch 101  
Trip Pictures

Colorado 1998

Daytona 2000

Sturgis 1998

 Helen Gathering 2000
Sturgis 1999 Sturgis 2000
Biketoberfest 2000  After Sturgis 2000
 Halloween  Panama City 2000
Bike Week 2001 HotGlue's BBQ
InZane Biketoberfest2001
Tech Tips

How to polish your wheels  

  by   JAWZ


Vacuum Line replacement

by  QueXpress

How to reinstall your air box  

 by  QueXpress


Known Valkyrie Issues

by  Airetime


Favorite vendors and clubs File

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 He-Man Tire hater's Club


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